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CHILONG(Red Dragon) V 9hrs endurance fixed wing drone gps


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  • Model: UAV 002
  • 20 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Chinese

CHILONG(Red Dragon) V 9hrs endurance fixed wing drone gps

Price: US $45,000-77,000 / Set

Kindly mention Product code UAV 002 while ordering.

Style: Radio Control Toy
Type: Airplane
Power: Battery
Material: carbon fiber
Scale: 1:1
Radio Control Style: RC Hobby
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Wingspan: 4m
Weight: 15KG
Max takeoff Weight: 33KG
Max Payload: 12KG(Including oil)
Endurance: 9Hrs
Max Flight Range: 900KM
Flight Radius (Need repeate ): 400KM
Max Cruise Speed: 110KM/Hr
Max Speed: 130KM/Hr
Flying Height: 3000m

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
International standard wooden case for outer package
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Shipped in 40 days after payment

“Chilong(Red Dragon) ”V- UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Description
The body of UAV is completely made from composite material ,which can be equipped with both low fuel consumption piston engine and propeller and advanced hydrogen fuel cell ,outer-rotor brushless motor ,can meet different customers’ requirements. UAV can be optionally equipped with real-time photoelectric monitoring equipments,cameras,and other various mission payload to achieve remote sensing survey and mapping,monitoring , surveillance,information relay, emergency communications, geological exploration, pipe line patrol, aerial observation.

Chilong(Red Dragon) 'V supports various methods in takeoff and landing ,such as normal takeoff and landing, catapult launch, parachute-assisted landing, have function of autonomous landing .

What is included if you only buy the fixed wing UAV?
Equipment Qty
CHILONG V fixed wing UAV with steering engine 1
Autopilot system 1
DGPS system 1
Landing Parachute 1
Hand held remote controller 1

Main Features

Safety Autopilot System
Autopilot system is consist of autopilot, ground station, redundant power source manage modul and engine speed monitor module. This system could be sued in many serious fligh environments.
Autopilot is easy to use. Many airplane mod: air line, air spot, hover, posture, return home, tak off, landing and so on, which is adapt to various flight task.

Recombination Ground Station
Ground station integrates data receiver module and video receiver module. It can monitor th data and video in real time though software. Video, flight path and relevant parameters coul save in hard disk.

Composite material and light fuselage
With good structure strength, corrosion resistance and light fuselage, it has larger task load for more equipments.

Easy to operate and maintain
This system has the function of one key takeoff and semi-autonomous landing so that it is easy to operate and very stable.

Fit for various complex environment
The system adopts running take-off , catapult-assisted take-off , running/parachute-opening landing, which has no special requires for
landing site. It can adapt to various complicated environment.

Safety and reliable system
Mature technology and equipment that are verified by lots of actual flights.
At the same time, system has various emergency protective measures to
ensure safety parachute landing in accident. No big damage to drone and

Could carry various task equipments
Visible light and infrared light pod, high-resolution aerial camera, communication relay and video transmitter etc equipments, which could realize visible light, infrared real-time video monitor, high-resolution aerial photography and aerial communication relay.

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