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Newest aircraft for sale mutiroter uav drones


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Units:  5000
Max: 5000

  • Model: UAV 001
  • 5000 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Chinese

Newest aircraft for sale mutiroter uav drones

Price: US $550,000-2,100,000 / Set
Origin : china

Kindly mention Product code UAV 001 while ordering.

multiroter uav drones, UAV
Year Built:
2016, 2016
Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)

TV broadcasting.mapping,signal emission,powerline patrol
Max flight time:
24 hours
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:
Professional aviation case
Delivery Detail:
2 week after the payment

1)24 hours of uninterrupted mission.
2)Broadband signal transmission via optical fiber.
3)UAV ascending„ÄĀdescending and hovering at the specific height from 5m-100m controlled by the ground control station.
4)Complied with various mission payload.
5)The UAV could be customized according to customer's requirement.

Portable tethered UAV DRONE system

The multi-copter,high payload UAV with its durable structure is perfect for various mission

Power Module
It is composed of ground power module, tethered cable and other equipment.The ground station is connected to the UAV via the tethering cable.

Cable diameter
About 4.5mm
Unit weight
About 2kg/100m
Tensile resistance
Minimum crimp diameter
Cable release

The ground station
The ground station controls both the built in modules in the Power Module and the UAV via optical fiber. At the same time, it monitors the real time operating parameters of the whole system. The ground station is based on water proof laptop computer. It communicates with the UAV either via the optical fiber in the tethering cable or wirelessly .

The tethered UAV system is composed of multi-copter, tethering cable and flight platform. The multi-copter keeps hovering in the sky up to 24 hours with the power supplied from the ground. At the same time, the high definition video and image acquired by the camera mounted on the UAV is sent back to the ground via the optical fiber inside the tethering cable. The whole system has two distinctive advantages over the normal UAV: ultra-long working time and ultra-wide bandwidth for transmission. This system can be either stand alone or mounted on the back of a vehicle. It is suitable for various industry applications, such as television broadcasting, signal relay, video surveillance and etc. When the system is mounted on a car, the tethered UAV itself could follow the car within the speed of 25km per hour.

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